Facebook… The Major Face Of Social Networks

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I have a great and major new found respect for Facebook.  The benefit is just not from a “social networking”, get a bunch of friends, get invited to events and post some pics tip…

No, it is from an even deeper level.  You see, Social Networks as we have known them in the near past really harped on the benefit of THEM keeping the autonomy of revenue and the ability to regulate what kinds of businesses could be promoted… IF ANY.

Facebook encourages business opportunities.  They do this by encouraging enterprising internet developers and groups to come up with applications to integrate into their systems.  Subsequently, if your application is tight enough, they allow and again, ENCOURAGE you to use their social network to virally distribute your product, and lastly, WANT you to have the opportunity to make money. 

Sounds good to us. For that, they already have become the MAJOR FACE of social networks… as allowing us to have the opportunity to make revenue from traffic we helped to generate, has always been a sermon of mine! 

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